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One6th is an award winning, Stop-Motion animation studio, founded in 2018.  

Born from a love of filmmaking at a scale of 1:6, One6th is an ever evolving stop-motion studio, with an appetite for keeping it fresh. We're all about creating captivating animation, gravitating towards bold ideas and exploring new perspectives. 


You'll find our studio in central Manchester where we create everything from props, sets and puppets all the way through to animation and principle photography.  


We strive to offer an environment where everyone feels valued and is treated with dignity and respect. For those looking to join us now or in the future, please take a moment to read our Dignity at Work Policy.

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Sustainable Production

We are committed to an on going effort towards eco-friendly stop-motion production. We recognise that there is still work to be done in order to improve the carbon footprint of stop-motion production practises, particularly in relation to non-biodegradable and hazardous materials which over the years have become popular because of their reliability and long lasting qualities. Where possible we intend to use materials with low levels of toxicity and in time hope to phase out hazardous materials in favour of eco friendly alternatives. 

Albert Training


With that being said, there are still actions we'll be taking right now, including re-cycling and repurposing materials and creative assets, using renewable energy tariffs and switching to energy efficient LED lighting to name a few. Below is further guidance from Albert's sustainable training programme which One6th staff have completed. 

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Gold Standard Carbon Offsetting

In addition to our efforts towards sustainable production, One6th contribute towards the Gold Standard Carbon offsetting incentive at the start of every year to offset a tonne of carbon every month.

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More Trees

At the end of each production, we plant trees via as a way to thank our crew members. This means that as our productions grow and our crew numbers increase, so will our contribution to planting more trees

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