Donate and Support

Here at One6th, we're passionate about providing entry level opportunities and supporting the development of up-and-coming artists.  


Soon we'll be embarking on a short film project which will create up to thirteen paid work experience placements for people aged 18-24. Each of these 70 hour placements will cater to people currently out of work and with an education below level 4. We are delighted to be offering these opportunities, however, those placements represent just a small fraction of the promising artists who need help getting a foot in the door. 


As an independent studio, our mission has always ben to create our best work whilst doing all that we can to support those around us. Ultimately, our long term goal is to provide on-going work placement opportunities for up-and-coming creatives, as well as providing mentorships, formal training and free access to studio space and equipment for young creatives.

For this reason, we're now looking for like-minded sponsors to support our mission:


- To provide regular paid work experience opportunities for young artists 

- To improve access to professional productions for developing artists

- To increase the skill level and rate of growth of developing artists 

- To create a more diverse and inclusive workforce within stop-motion animation


If like us, you would like to see the next generation of animation artists thrive, irrespective of their social, cultural, ethnic or economic background;  please consider making a donation below.  


Rest assured that all funds received will go towards providing paid work experience opportunities and educational access. If successful, this page will develop over time to display the stories and work of the artists helped through this incentive, as a means to showcase their talent to future employees.


To make a donation, please select the amount of work experience you would like to sponsor: